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Nursery and Garden Industry New Zealand (NGINZ) is the industry face of the Nursery and Garden Industry Association of New Zealand Incorporated. We're the peak industry body for the production nursery and garden retail industry, and those who supply it ... and we've been working to enhance our member's well-being since 1904!

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Plant Producer's Summit - Introducing the NZPPI model ... more here

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Results of NGINZ's Towards 2025 Consultation


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PVR law reform ... Trolley Repairs & Maintenance policy review ... Corrections advocacy ... Meeting with NGI Australia ... Christchurch Trade Day ... Nursery Production Industry Partnership Group ... Canterbur's Regional Pest Management Plan Review ... Auckland Regional Pest Management Plan Review ... EPA biocontrol applications review and submissions ... Growers Technical Seminar ... Plant Producers Summit Working Group ... NPPA Steering Group meeting ... Primary ITO Nursery Qualifications ... Apple Replant Disease project management ... GERMAC meeting ... FMS 2016 Plan ... latest newsletter

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Introducing the NZPPI Model-

Introducing the NZPPI Model
The Plant Producer Working Group and NGINZ Board provide perspectives on the model for New Zealand Plant Producers Incorporated (NZPPI) ... more

Conference 2016 - 27/28 July-

Conference 2016 - 27/28 July
Registration is now open. Future3 conference will inspire, challenge and inform - you're invited to join us in Wellington. ... more

Velvetleaf & pelleted seed import restrictions-

Velvetleaf & pelleted seed import restrictions
Key industry pelleted seed import restrictions eased and/or deferred ... more

Meet the 2016 Young Achiever finalists-

Meet the 2016 Young Achiever finalists
Three finalist will attend conference in Wellington in July and compete in a round of activities to decide the 2016 Young Achiever ... more

Coming up ... Here's a quick list of what we've got in our diaries ... more

Auckland Regional Pest Management Plan (RPMP)-

Auckland Regional Pest Management Plan (RPMP)
Auckland Council are reviewing their RPMP and we've met with biosecurity staff to discuss work to date ... more

Plant Imports and visit to MPI's plant health lab-

Plant Imports and visit to MPI's plant health lab
at its March meeting GERMAC alias down the first components of its work plan for the next year or two ... more

Level 3 standard reviews -

Level 3 standard reviews
Reviews of Level 3 horticulture unit standards are proceeding at a rapid ... more

Nursery training sector plan-

Nursery training sector plan
Nursery Production IPG Sector Plan underway ... more

Primary ITO short courses-

Primary ITO short courses
Waikato Course at Growing Spectrum, 26 & 27 May ... more

New OPC Insecticide Rules-

New OPC Insecticide Rules
Major label changes for acephate, diazinon, fenamiphos and methamidophos ... more

GIA Gathers Pace-

GIA Gathers Pace
Two more industry's join GIA ... more

EPA and related Biocontrol activity-

EPA and related Biocontrol activity
In March NGINZ lodged submissions or provided advice several biocontrol initiatives ... more

Nursery Industry and Corrections Advocacy-

Nursery Industry and Corrections Advocacy
Around twenty nurseries met with Corrections officials late in August. Discussions centered on the impact of Corrections rehabilitation and offender employment objectives ... more

PVR Law Reform-

PVR Law Reform
With the signing of the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) comes an obligation for the Government to review the Plant Variety Rights system ... more

A visit to Whanganui Prison-

A visit to Whanganui Prison
and some robust discussion on both historical and current issues about prison nursery production ... more

Engaging Employees-

Engaging Employees
April 21 edition of BuZZ, Ball Horticulture's retail email newsletter featured some salient tips on getting the best from your team ... more

Nursery Industry, RMA and Consent Issues-shutterstock/PanXunbin

Nursery Industry, RMA and Consent Issues
If you have RMA and/or consent experience that just does not make sense or limited your ability to get the job done (on time) we need to know ... more

Ornamental Plant Import Pathways-

Ornamental Plant Import Pathways
We've begun discussions with MPI on the processes for developing import health standards and the associated biosecurity risk analysis and need your input ... more

NGINZ Trolley System Consultation-

NGINZ Trolley System Consultation
In 2016, the NGINZ Board will consult with members and users on the future of the trolley system. In the meantime we seek early feedback ... more

NGINZ Strategy

Advocacy Services
It’s our business to make your business easier. Lobbying for members’ common good through representation to, and liaison with, national and regional government bodies, committees and regulatory and environmental groups ... more

Industry Capacity
Enhancing industry capacity through upgrading professionalism and systems, training in skills, knowledge and practice, improving efficiency and effectiveness, encouraging innovation and best practice, understanding our markets and facilitating research and development ... more

Greenlife Matters
Promoting the value of plant life. Educating the public about the numerous benefits of trees, plant life and green space, and in doing so, creating demand for plants and greenlife products ... more

Market Growth
Advocating for more green spaces and increased use of plants in urban, commercial and environmental spaces will see growth in the greenlife products and services market and grow our share of leisure and commercial spend ... more

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